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General Questions

What is this website about?

YouTubeSummary concise summaries of YouTube videos to help you quickly understand the main points without watching the entire video.

Our service offers 3 features :

How to use YouTube Summary?

It's simple: paste a YouTube video link into the field and hit Enter or click on the "Summarize" button.

How does the summary process work?

We use advanced algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to analyze video transcripts and extract key information and quotes to create a summary.

Do I need an account to use the service?

No, you can use the basic summary service without creating an account.

You will be limited to 1 summary per day, but you can access to all previously summarized videos by the community for free.

However, signing up (don't worry, it's free !) offers additional features such as:

You can also become a Subscriber, which will unlock:

For more information, see our Pricing!

Video Summarization

Which types of videos can be summarized?

Our service works with all types of videos on YouTube, including:

However, the videos must have subtitles; without them, our YouTube summarizer does not work.

How accurate are the summaries?

With our YouTube Summary service, we have an exclusive method to categorize videos for the absolute best results.

Based on the video provided, we can classify it into one of the following categories:

For more information, see our dedicated blog article: Discover how the best YouTube Summary categorizes videos, podcasts, or shorts in 2024!

How long does it take to generate a summary?

It depends on the length of the video. It can take from a few seconds to a minute for longer videos.

For more information, see our dedicated blog article: How Long Does It Take to Extract Insights from an Hour Video?

What languages are supported?

Our YouTube summarizer works with videos in any language. The summaries, key points, and quotes are provided in English.

Can I share the summaries with others?

Yes, you can share the summaries via social media, email, or direct link. Each summary has a unique URL for easy sharing.

Is there a way to provide feedback on the summaries?

Absolutely. We encourage users to provide feedback on the accuracy and usefulness of the summaries to help us improve our service. You can contact us at

Account and Subscription

Is there a subscription fee?

The basic summary service is free. For more information, see our Pricing page!

What are the benefits of a premium subscription?

Signing up offers additional features such as:

How can I upgrade to a premium account?

You can upgrade to a premium account by visiting the Pricing page on our website and selecting the plan that best suits your needs.

Technical and Support

What should I do if the summary is not accurate?

If you find inaccuracies in a summary, please contact us at We’ll review the issue and work on improving the accuracy.

Who can I contact for support?

For any support inquiries, you can reach out to our customer service team via email at

What are the system requirements for using this website?

Our website is accessible on most modern web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. For the best experience, ensure your browser is up-to-date.

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