options for patients with advanced hair loss include:

hair transplant limitations in advanced hair loss situations include:

  • The number of available graphs in the donor area
  • The potential thinning of the donor area after harvesting

Managing expectations is crucial when undergoing a hair transplant, as realistic outcomes need to be communicated to patients.

Choosing between FUE and FUT surgery for Norwood 6 or 7 patients involves considering:

  • The potential yield of graphs
  • Scarring
  • Patient preferences

medical therapy like finasteride and minoxidil may still be beneficial for Norwood 6 or 7 patients to amplify existing hair and protect DHT sensitive hairs.

Managing advanced hair loss involves a combination of surgical procedures, realistic expectations, and potential medical therapy.


Notable Quotes

05:01 — « My job is to give people realistic expectations. »
10:53 — « They feel like they can lose the hat and thats a great feeling for many people. »
12:38 — « Many guys are still trying to avoid the fut technique. »


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