The subtitles explain the concept of containers, comparing them to virtual machines and emphasizing their speed and efficiency. containers provide isolated environments that are easy to create and share. They are described as being in the middle of VMs and native applications in terms of resource usage.

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Notable Quotes

00:24 — « But thats just a VM! »
00:34 — « Okay, its true that both give you an isolated environment where you can run an OS, but containers are quite a bit quicker to spin up, and typically less resource intensive. »
02:18 — « Now weve got the basics out of the way. Lets see how we can make a container of our own. »
04:29 — « When our app is ready to be published into the world, were going to want to tag it with something unique, like a version, so that we can reference it again later. »
05:20 — « You describe the desired state of your deployment declaratively, and let Kubernetes handle the details of how to get there. »



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