The subtitles discuss suspicions of corruption within the Game Management Committee, particularly focusing on the Chairman, Yeo Myeong-sook. The corruption involved embezzlement, false inspection reports, and misuse of funds in projects related to game classification systems. The Board of Audit and Inspection found irregularities in the handling of contracts and the use of blockchain technology with expired licenses. The Secretary General and other officials were implicated in covering up the corruption. Gamers and the public have called for accountability and justice, with demands for compensation and disciplinary actions. The subtitles also mention the involvement of game YouTubers in the scandal. Overall, the video aims to expose the corruption within the Game Management Committee and calls for transparency and accountability.


  • Yeo Myeong-sook
  • Lee Sang-won
  • Lee Do-kyung
  • Kim Seong-ae
  • Choi Cheol-soo
  • Team Leader Lee
  • Secretary General Joo-wi
  • Director Daum
  • GC Jang
  • Mr. The Cat Trench

Notable Quotes

03:02 — « Unfair handling of contract management work, such as payment of inspection fee, even though it was not completed. »
05:01 — « We live in a world where people who blindly make money that were shared are the worst. »
06:21 — « More than 95% of the project had been completed through defect repairs despite knowing that service company A had withdrawn. »
07:14 — « This is a complete tax fraud. »
09:06 — « Divide and rule is famous for Britains vicious method of ruling the empire, which discriminated against the races of the colonies and made them fight among themselves, thus reducing their power. »


News and Commentary

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