The video titled "Haroun: l'humour comme miroir de la société? [EN DIRECT]" features an interview with Haroun, a comedian, where he delves into various topics related to humor, society, and creative processes. Haroun shares insights into his background, artistic process, and views on society. He discusses his journey from dance to humor, his writing process, and his obsessions with racism, hypocrisy, and hatred. Emphasizing the importance of research and analysis before making jokes, Haroun explores the role of humor in society, highlighting its power to de-dramatize and discuss serious topics.

Further Discussion

  • Haroun touches on the impact of artificial intelligence, surveillance, and algorithms on freedom of expression and humor.
  • He reflects on comedians as artists, stressing the importance of challenging societal norms and stereotypes through humor.
  • The interview also delves into the complexities of humor, introspection, and the responsibilities of artists in addressing social issues.
  • Haroun discusses the role of comedians in society, the importance of understanding different perspectives, and the concept of thoughts and identity.


  • Haroun emphasizes the need to meet people from different cultures positively to overcome prejudices and adapt comedy shows to different audiences and societies.
  • He highlights the universality of certain themes and humor, recommending books like "Murderous Identities" by Amin Maalouf and "Life Ahead of You" by Romain Gary for their impact and relevance.
  • He advises younger generations to find joy and inspiration in challenging situations and not let older people define their capabilities.

Notable Quotes

54:20 — « A comedian sees the emergence of artificial intelligence. Its not very funny., [4113] Every piece of information youll find there is not properly treated., [5171] My job is to write jokes about it and help people to get rid of negative emotions., [5264] Be the mirror of our society. ] »
92:45 — « I also adapted my jokes I made jokes about being who it wasnt mean I made jokes about the fact of being Ro on what point I could not be Ro et cetera I made jokes on the geopolitical question of Moroccan Sahara/Western Sahara where it had to be named in a certain way et cetera. »
93:54 — « you are going to have the minority which is which is focused on money you have it everywhere you are even in Brittany I made jokes in Brittany and I learned that in the depths of Brittany the curlers are those who love money and the cliché who love money and so on you see. »
108:30 — « uh I want to be stronger than that and uh and the strategy of the same not bad it can work for lots of things and it can notably work for people who are victims of harassment and so on. »
112:27 — « try to find in there what is human that what is wonderful about it you see and uh and you see you can you can go to the hospital today lament whats happening in the hospital talk to people in the hospital and you will marvel at the humanity that is there in there for example. »


Art and Creativity

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