The video features Dr. Kevin Kruse MD, a top Dallas shoulder surgeon, and Stephanie Garner discussing the importance of asking questions and doing research before undergoing surgery, especially if a previous surgery has failed. Stephanie shares her positive experience with Dr. Kruse, who was able to successfully treat her shoulder after a previous surgery had failed. Dr. Kruse mentions that many patients seek second opinions due to previous surgeries not being successful, and emphasizes the importance of specialized care in shoulder surgery. He encourages those who are scared or worried about the recovery process to come in for a consultation, where they can discuss their options and receive upfront information about their condition. Texas Orthopedic Associates, where Dr. Kruse practices, is highlighted as providing the best care for shoulder issues. Stephanie Garner and Dr. Kevin Kruse MD are the presenters in the video.

Notable Quotes

02:12 — « Dr Cruz gave me my life back. Ive told him that before and thats not being sugar coating, you know anything. He just took his time to explain everything to me, put my shoulder back together and Im able to do whatever it is I want to do just like I was doing before and that is invaluable to me. »


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