Attachment styles are influenced by early childhood experiences with caregivers, leading to different needs in relationships.

  • Avoidant attachment style can result from neglect and trauma in early childhood, affecting romantic relationships.
  • Avoidants may initially appear secure and confident, but issues surface due to past traumas.
  • Personal growth and healing are essential in navigating breakups and relationships.
  • No contact can be beneficial in some situations, but maturity and emotional self-control are key.
  • Healing attachment issues and learning Relationship skills can lead to confidence and better partnerships.
  • Communication, understanding, and emotional control are crucial in handling relationship challenges.


Notable Quotes

12:16 — « Hes not used to love, this is the first time hes experienced it. »
13:00 — « He thought about it for a week and told me that hes 90% unsure... »
13:58 — « He is right, they only stopped talking for two weeks and she reached out to him. »
17:33 — « He realized one day if he were to settle down he will not have as much time for his hobbies. »
20:38 — « Hows that going to change anything? Its not going to change anything. »


Wellness and Self-Improvement

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