The video titled "Node.js HINDI - Top 100 Interview Questions and Answers" covers a wide range of topics related to Node.js in Hindi. The speaker emphasizes the importance of revising and understanding concepts before an interview. They categorize the questions into different chapters, including Node basics, Express framework, middleware, and more.

Main Topics Covered

Key Points

The speaker provides a detailed explanation of Node basics, Express framework, middleware, routing, and template engines. They highlight the advantages of using Node.js with Express, such as simplified web development, middleware support, flexible routing system, and template engine integration. Additionally, the process of installing Express in a Node project and creating an HTTP server using Express is demonstrated.

Node.js is essential for handling HTTP requests and responses in a RESTful API. middleware functions play a crucial role in executing logic globally or for specific URLs in Node.js. These functions are executed in a specific order and can pass control to the next middleware function using the "next" function. Error handling middleware, third-party middleware installation, route handlers, and various levels of middleware in Express are also discussed.

Additional Topics

  • Error handling
  • Status codes
  • Authentication
  • Serialization
  • Node.js concepts

Important topics include status codes, REST API concepts, serialization, versioning, project structure, error handling techniques, JWT token components, debugging methods, and the importance of continuous learning in the IT and software development field. The video provides a comprehensive overview of Node.js interview questions and answers, emphasizing the significance of thorough preparation and understanding of the discussed concepts.

Notable Quotes

17:01 — « REST API uses HTTP and SOAP API uses multiple protocols like HTTP, SMTP, TCP. »
17:16 — « REST API is generally lightweight and faster compared to SOAP API. »
223:36 — « From common to remembering from the same from from the same from Can access your APIs methods, »
223:59 — « Browser will do it ok so this was your one The whole whole process, »
238:51 — « Only giving up can stop you and Nothing So Never Give Up »



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